The Story of 'The Angels'

Where does all this information come from

Why were they called 'The Aycliffe Angels'?

What did the Factory manufacture?

Plans and Photos of the Factory (1940s)

TIMELINE of the Factory & Workers

Winston Churchill visits the Aycliffe Factory (1942)

Mrs Dillon - Senior ROF worker who received a medal

Honour at last, thanks to The Northern Echo

The Aycliffe Angels 2000-2020

Extremely dangerous work...

Workers' Houses and Accommodation

350 Houses on Secret Estate in Darlington

Photo Gallery 1 - (Admin Staff)

Photo Gallery 2 - (Production Staff)

Photo Gallery 3 - (Individual Angels)

Photo Gallery 4 - (ROF site in 1945)

Photo Gallery 5 - (ROF Fire Brigade)

Documents and Certificates etc...

What's left of Aycliffe ROF?

Surviving ROF buildings...

Links for History of The Aycliffe Angels

Where does all this information come from?

Many of the photographs and some of the graphics on this site are courtesy of The Northern Echo archive, originally donated by 'Angels' themselves, following newspaper articles and appeals.

Please do not copy, reproduce or use any of these images without asking permission first.

Some images and illustrations are courtesy of Darlington Library and the County Durham Archive and are used with permission.

Some photos are courtesy of Hydro Polymers, Newton Aycliffe (formerly the Bakelite factory) and are used with permission.

Other generic and historic images have been sourced from sites on the Internet and are used on the basis that we believe them to be 'freeware' or 'Royalty-free'. If you spot an image which does not fall into this category and you believe we are using the image without the necessary permission or licence then please let us know ASAP and we will either remove the image or pay the necessary licensing fee.

Most of the Wartime poster images are from a Website called and we believe them to be either royalty-free or are images previously purchased by The Northern Echo for library purpose.

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See our page 'Links for History of The Aycliffe Angels' for more about where the information comes from, especially if you want to find out more about the Aycliffe Angels.