The Story of 'The Angels'

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Winston Churchill visits the Aycliffe Factory (1942)

Mrs Dillon - Senior ROF worker who received a medal

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350 Houses on Secret Estate in Darlington

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The Story of 'The Angels'

This is the story of the Aycliffe Royal Ordnance Factory,
ROF 59, (1941-1945) and the 'Aycliffe Angels'.

The huge munitions factory employed some 17,000 workers, mostly women, between 1941 and 1945 and was an extremely important part of the country's war effort.

The work was highly dangerous as the women filled bullets and bombs for the boys in the battlefield. There were a number of serious and fatal explosions, with eight women being killed in one blast.

Few official records of these accidents exist, perhaps because of the secrecy surrounding the plant, which was fearwed to have been infiltrated by German spies during the War.


This Website

This Web site is dedicated to the bravery of those outstanding ladies and men.

We owe them a debt of gratitude, and live in a better and safer world today because they risked their own lives to keep our troops well supplied with the munitions they needed to fight the Nazis.

ROF badge belonging to Aycliffe Angel Maisie White.
Photograph courtesy of The Northern Echo

This site contains many photos, documents and memories. Enjoy your visit.