Chronological Overview


If you are just starting the course, then you will know nothing about the list that follows - this is what you are going to learn about in the next few lessons! 


If, however, you are revising having finished the course, then you ought to be able, not only to say WHAT happened for each event, but to explain WHY and HOW it happened:



The following websites will help you complete the task:

The (two-page) livius article on Hannibal is brief/shallow, but gives a simple overview of Hannibal

The wikipedia page on Hannibal is difficult, but gives a overview of Hannibal in greater depth

264-241 First Punic War
237-226 Carthaginian conquest of Spain
219-218 Siege of Saguntum
218 Hannibalís march on Italy
218 Hannibalís crossing of the Alps
Nov 218 Battle at the River Ticinus
Dec 218 Trebia
June 217 Battle of Lake Trasimene
217 Quintus Fabius
Aug 216 Cannae
215-205 Philip V of Macedon allies with Hannibal; the Macedonian War
215-206 The war in Spain (including the battles of Ibera, Baecula and Ilipa)
212-203 Hannibalís later campaigns in Italy (including the siege of Capua and the Colline Gate)
207 Battle of the Metaurus River
204-203 Scipioís campaign in Africa (including the ambush at the Tower of Agathocles, the siege of Utica and the Battle of the Great Plains)
Oct 202 Battle of Zama
201 Peace Treaty: end of the 2nd Punic War.
201-195 Hannibalís period as Suffete of Carthage up to his exile
195-183 The rest of the story of Hannibal to his death
149-146 Third Punic War
148-46 Achaean War


Use the Timeline worksheet and the 'Links' websites above to make your own brief notes on these key events of Hannibal's war.