Woman’s Suffrage – the Cartoonists’ View

Most of these cartoons were drawn by the anti-Suffragette cartoonist WK Haselden.

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This 1906 cartoon shows Suffragettes trying to fight their way into the House of Commons.

This cartoon was drawn in 1906.   On the top are the women of the past; on the bottom are what women seem to be becoming.

This 1907 cartoon, entitled: ‘Will they get it?’, shows women trying to pressurize their way into Parliament.   The MPs shout: ‘Please don’t bother us here’.

This 1907 cartoon shows women taking control over men.

In this 1909 cartoon, the suffragette lists all the trouble she has caused, and then wonders why she still hasn’t got the vote.

Suggestions for Suffragettes, 1909 – let the lions out at the zoo, burn down Westminster Abbey, and attack statues and buses.

More suggestions for Suffragettes, 1913 – pull faces at politicians, stand on their heads, climb lampposts and block traffic.

In this cartoon by Bernard Partridge the sensible woman is saying to the Suffragette: ‘Help our cause?   You’re its worst enemy.’