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Khrushchev and the so-called 'thaw'

For a while, during the premiership of Khrushchev, it looked as though the Cold War might 'thaw', but the Khrushchev era saw Cold War tension at its worst:




Arms Race


Space Race



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Destalinisation - hints
at was it?

   Mention the 20th Party Congress & the 1956 speech

   What effects did it have in Russia?

  What did people think about it in the West

  What did people think about it in the East?

Arms Race - hints

-   nuclear stockpiling, ICBMs and overkill

-   conventional forces

-   NATO

-   Warsaw Pact

-   U2 planes.

Space Race - hints

-   the military origin of the space race

-   space 'firsts' such as Laika, Sputnik, Gagarin, etc.

-   satellites and reconnaissance

McCarthy's Witch-hunts - hints
How did the witch-hunts start?

   What happened, and what were the effects?

   How did the witch-hunts end?.

Popular perceptions - hints


-   propaganda

-   fear: films and books

-   spies (and U2 planes)

-   preparations for war: leaflets/ 'Duck and cover'