translated by Zhenia, a student at the International School of Toulouse



(The Entente was the First World War alliance between Britain, France and Russia - this Bolshevik poster see an evil entente between Britain, France, America and the remaining supporters of the Tsar.)


Waste-deep in blood, the malicious horde
Is knitting brows and looking at
Free-labour land, the land of free.

Entente’s evil thoughts conceal
The dreams to let the Soviet land
Be tortured by the group of dogs.

To please the clique of fat who trampled
The flag of freedom, flag of free
Yudenich growls, Denikin growls
And whines the hungry dog Kolchak.

The smell of gold, the scent of gold,
Pricks up the ears of the dogs.
They all come on, just to protect
The bourgeois horde, the world of hordes.

But hands of workers, hands of power, 
Raised high the red flag, flag of freedom
With every battle, every hour,
They squander dogs, they make them flee.

Entente’s plans – apart at seams,
The battle sharpens every day.
Down the drain the empty pockets
Of modern masters, of allied, of rich.

No hope for dogs – the path of win
Is not as easy as may seem.
The Urals hurt the dog Kolchak –
The poor fellow’s tail got stuck.

The mangy dog Kolchak was made to whine –
He got squeezed paws, he got a black eye.
The allied horde can only look
At the precious flag, red flag of free.

With pile of duties, pile of rents,
The League of Nations solves by three
Dejected cases in its guild,
The guild of dogs, the guild of ‘free’.