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   Why did the rule of the Tsar collapse in Feb/Mar 1917?

New Year's Day, 1917, saw the Tsar still absolute ruler of Russia. Three months later he had been deposed and imprisoned.



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The Impact of War on Russia

Make notes about:

   Effect of the defeats

   Economic effects - shortage of labour/inflation

   Transport dislocation

   Social effects - shortages of food/fuel

   Anti-war propaganda

The role of Rasputin

Make notes about:

   Rasputin's influence and its effects

   How he harmed the monarchy

   Role of the Tsarina

   Anti-Rasputin propaganda

The role of the Tsar

Make notes about:

   The Tsar and the war

   The Tsar's behaviour during the crisis of Feb 1917

The Revolution of Feb 1917

Make notes about:

   The winter of 1916-17


   The mutiny of the army (Khabolov)

   The mutiny of the navy (Kronstadt)

   The defection of the Duma (Rodzianko)

The fate of the Tsar

Make notes about:

   His abdication

   Arrest, imprisonment and execution

Planned or spontaneous?

Make notes about:

   What evidence is there that the Revolution was stirred up by revolutionaries?

   What evidence is there that the Revolution was just a spontaneous rebellion which toppled the Tsar by accident because his position was so weak?