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  How strong was the Tsarist regime?

In 1914, since the monarchy still survived, it is possible to argue that it was still strong enough to survive - but it had serious weaknesses which World War One was to expose.


Nicholas II's Government


Russia in 1914


Strengths of the Monarchy



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Nicholas II's Government
Write about:

   The nature and personality of Nicholas II

   Family circumstances

   The system of government/ how it worked

   Stolypin's government

   The Dumas

Russia in 1914
Write about:

   Size and population

   Different races/ nationalities

   Problems with the economy

   Society - problems in the towns

   Society - problems in the countryside

Strengths of the Monarchy
Write about:

   Which groups supported the Tsar and why

   the Okhrana

   the Cossacks

Opposition groups
Write about the following - who they were and what they believed:

   Liberals (Kadets)

   Social Revolutionaries

   Social Democrats (Bolsheviks and Mensheviks)

The 1905 revolution

Write briefly about:

   its causes (inc the war of 1904)

   the events ('Bloody Sunday' and the 'Soviets')

   The October Manifesto

   How the Tsar repressed the revolution