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If you have come to this page, you are probably trying to organise or do your revision.


If so, you might like to start with this webpage - Using this site to revise

Why not get my Revision App for the OCR, AQA & Edexcel, and WJEC GCSEs.




Advice for Pupils

As a moderator on the History Help forum, these are the skills I am most frequently asked about:

Using this site to revise - Doing Sourcework - Interpreting a cartoon - Writing an essay -
Learning dates  Timing an exam - Analyses of exam questions



Revision App

Have you checked out the links to the revision apps at the top of this page; essential kit imho.  The reason I'm repeating it is because most people just blank out the ads!  I promise I won't say any more about it.



  Revision Diary

If you have started your revision in good time, this will allow you to portion out your revision, so much a day.




If you have struggled to understand the topics and feel 'at sea', here is a great, simple starting point. These are the sheets I used to give to my 'skiver' pupils when they turned up to the exam having not attended school for the past year.I used to make them read the sheets immediately before they went into the exam - they ALL passed.

Origins of WWI - Peace to War 1919-39 - Cold War 1945-63 - Cold War 1970-91 -
USA 1919-41 - Russia 1917-41 - Germany 1919-39




If you feel confident with your undestanding, here are some checklists of specialist terms which will help you REALLY wow the examiner!  (For the best effect, you need to study them with Internet Explorer as your browser.)

Interwar 1919-39 - Cold War 1945-63 - Germany 1919-39 - Russia 1917-41 - Britain in WWII



Revision Sheets

Note: these revision sheets were written for an earlier version of the AQA exam, but they are still a good basic fund of facts:

Treaty of Versailles - League of Nations - Road to WWII - Second World War -
Weimar Germany - Cold War - Russia - USA 




Here are the tests which go with the revision sheets.

Causes WWI - Versailles Treaty - League of Nations - Road to WWII -
Germany - Cold War 1945-53 - Cold War 1953-63 - Russia



Revision Mats

By kind permission of the amazing Lesley Ann McDermott (with teaching ideas on how to use them in class).

Causes WWII



This is a different way to revise - do it with maps!  Good if you're a visual learner.


Exemplar Essays

Some ready made answers!


Or try these links:

games page)