Chapter 5: A Kingdom Divided

In the middle of the 17th century, King and Parliament went to war ... and Parliament won.  To modern historians, this was not such a big deal - they suggest that the Civil War avoidable, and that its effects were only temporary.  To the 'Whig' historians of the 19th century, however, the Civil was was a turning point in the history of Britain - and of the world ... for them, it was the time when Englishmen won, once and for all, their fabled 'freedom'.

This chapter tells the story, and addresses some of the historical issues, of this significant moment in British history.



1.   The Causes of the Civil War

2.   A Time to Decide

3.   The Events of the Civil Wars

4.   The Execution of Charles I

5.   Drogheda An Everlasting Blot?

6.   Women in the Civil Wars

7.   The World Turned Upside Down