CATERING FOR ALL YOU AUDITORY LEARNERS is excited to be able to host the wonderful series of Giles Hill's learning podcasts, which will help all those of you who learn better for the hearing than the reading.

Although copyright remains Giles Hill, you are free to download these podcasts to your computer, pod, ipad or phone for educational purposes.


Here is the full list:


Origins of the First World War

- Causes of increased tension between the Great Powers

- 1914 - The outbreak of war


The First World War

- How Britain contributed to Germany's defeat in World War I

- How Britain changed as a result of the Great War


The Treaty of Versailles

- The Paris Peacemakers

- The Treaty of Versailles

- Reactions to Versailles


The League of Nations

- The establishment of the League of Nations

- The failure of the League of Nations


The Road to World War Two

- Germany's Foreign Policy

- Appeasement


The Cold War

- The Origins of the Cold War

- Arms Races and Pacts

- The Korean War

- The Hungarian Revolution 1956

- The U-2 Crisis 1960

- The Berlin Wall, August 1961

- The Cuban Missles Crisis

- The Prague Spring



- American escalation

- American failure

Germany, 1918-1939

- Challenges to the Weimar Republic

- The Stresemann Years

- The rise of Adolf Hitler

- The development of the Nazi Dictatorship

- Nazi Germany, 1934-39



The USA, 1917-1941

- Isolationism in 1920s USA

- The 'Roaring Twenties'

- Causes of the Boom in the 1920s

- The Great Depression

- The 1932 Election

- The impact of the New Deal



With great thanks from all of us to Giles Hill!