Chronological Overview


If you are just starting the course, then you will know nothing about the list that follows - this is what you are going to learn about in the next few lessons! 


If, however, you are revising having finished the course, then you ought to be able, not only to say WHAT happened for each event, but to explain WHY and HOW it happened:




The following websites will help you complete the task:

The Great Homepage of Alexander


356 BC

Early life:

Stories about his childhood

340 BC

Alexander left as regent in Macedonia while Philip went on campaign

338 BC

Battle of Chaeronea

Marriage of Philip and Eurydice

337 BC

Alexander recalled to Pella

336 BC

Murder of Philip

Hellenic League at Corinth

335 BC

Thrace, Illyria and Thebes

334 BC

Campaign in Asia Minor:

Granicus, Miletus, Halicarnassus

333 BC

Gordium, Issus

332 BC

Tyre, Egypt

331 BC

Oracle of Ammon at Siwah

Foundation of Alexandria in Egypt


The Conquest of the Persian Empire:


Alexander in Babylon

330 BC

Darius found murdered near Hacatompylus

The ‘conspiracy of Philotas’

329 BC

Campaign in  the Hindu Kush and Bactria:

Alexander sends home veterans

328 BC

The death of Cleitus

Defeat and death of Spitamenes

327 BC

Capture of the Sogdian Rock


The ‘Pages’ Conspiracy’; Callisthenes

The ‘Dionysus episode’

326 BC

Invasion of India:

Battle of the Hydaspes against Porus

Death of Bucephalas

Mutiny at the River Hyphasis (Beas)

325 BC

The Return home:

The Gedrosian (Makran) Desert

Harpalus/purge of the Satraps

324 BC

Mutiny at Opis (and prayer of reconciliation)

The marriages at Susa

The Exiles’ Decree and the Deification Decree

Death of Hephaestion

323 BC

Death of Alexander


Use the Timeline worksheet and the 'Links' websites above to make your own brief notes on these key events of Alexander's life.